Tributes from special event professionals across the U.S. are pouring in for legendary event designer Richard Carbotti, who passed away on Jan. 21.

A sampling:

Evan Carbotti with Jordan Carbotti, Perfect Surroundings, Newport, R.I. and Miami:

I look back and honestly have no idea how my father touched so many lives, got so much done, shouldered the burdens of countless others, and still managed to make me, my brother and my mother feel like we were the center of his universe … how he still managed to be a devoted father and husband.

He was our unconditional advocate and never gave us a reason to doubt that. We were perfect in his eyes, whether we believed it or not, and he was proud of each step we ever took, forward or backward, because he valued movement, intention to act, and instilled in us a belief that a life lived well was one we chose to live well.

A lot of different worlds fit into my father’s universe, and he always made sure it expanded to accommodate different perspectives, approaches and methods.

My father’s true stamp is one that that essentially inspires others to create their own … one that instills in countless minds and hearts a belief that everyone’s thoughts and visions are worth sharing and exploring … his legacy is not about him, it’s about all of us. It always has been. He worked a lifetime to ensure that all of our creative and personal stamps could make their mark and leave the world a better, more complete and colorful place.

My brother and I have been through so much with my father--countless meaningful and unique experiences most father and sons never get to share.

This is a difficult time, to say the least, but we move forward with great pride in continuing a great professional legacy--excited about carrying our shared vision of expansion and new creative ventures to even greater heights--the very thing my father wanted most. There is a hole left in our hearts, without a doubt, and in this outstanding industry as a whole, but we are forever grateful that our father left us an incredible foundation, and the tools needed to carry out his great legacy alongside great partners and colleagues. There are so many amazing projects and opportunities fast approaching for the company my father started 30 years ago, and we, along with our friend and partner Dwayne Ridgaway, look forward to completing all of them and more, the way my father always intended.

John J. Daly, Jr., CSEP, The Key Class, Santa Barbara, Calif.

Tim Lundy and I luckily happened to be with Richard and his family as he left for the next "fabulous" chapter on his spiritual journey. Much love surrounded him, and he was so peaceful. His next chapter will be better than the mortal one he so generously shared with all his friends and loved ones.