Five top technology trends to increase the 'wow' factor

Technical support expert Donald Guzauckas Jr., general manager of HB Group and president of the Rental & Staging Network, outlines five cutting-edge technologies that wow clients

Event planners strive to impress their clients with special elements that show they have met and exceeded their clients’ expectations. But what are a few of those “special elements” that enable event planners to meet, and exceed, clients’ expectations time and again? Here are five popular trends from the experts at the Rental & Staging Network that add value by utilizing today’s technological advancements to ensure that attendees stay engaged.

1. Interactive gesture media. Presenters use gesture media to directly interact with the presentation or environment, making the event exponentially more engaging. The presenter manipulates the presentation with body language and movement rather than a mouse, keyboard or slide advancer. This enables attendees to experience a full-body interactive environment rather than sit through a stagnant presentation utilizing traditional technologies.

2. LED lighting. LEDs are more reliable, last longer and are more energy-efficient than other lighting options. Also, LEDs enable AV professionals to facilitate color matching to provide a more customized meeting experience. AV professionals enhance color matching by integrating LED lighting with video systems. This allows for color-match LED lighting to complement screen content and themes, further branding the meeting and the experience.

3. Projection mapping. Projection mapping, or video mapping, technologies create an unparalleled “wow” factor by projecting images on any multidimensional shape or form. Any object can become a display, leading to stunning 3D visual effects that make events memorable and showcase the group’s creativity. This popular technology is being employed by not just event planners but entertainers and musicians looking to deliver a lasting performance.

4. Multi-image display presentation software. Employing multi-image display presentation software that manages multiple projectors, display devices and surfaces within a computer network is a behind-the-scenes technology with unprecedented capabilities. By collaborating with an AV professional, an event planner can provide a fully-orchestrated multi-image presentation that leaves attendees amazed.

5. Touch-screen technology. This expanding technology is being used more and more by event planners to modernize events and has the potential to transform the planning industry. At the recent InfoComm AV industry tradeshow, one company demonstrated 40 touch points simultaneously. Touch-screen technologies with such capabilities could be useful as a meeting kiosk, information center or other interactive platforms.

RSN members urge event planners to take advantage of these tech tools now--today’s fast pace makes yesterday’s technologies obsolete compared to tomorrow’s innovations. Event planners who partner with credible rental and staging companies can continue to provide quality presentations by incorporating the above technological trends and other advancements as they become available.

Donald Guzauckas Jr. is the general manager of HB Group; he has been with the company since 1989. He has worked in all aspects of the AV rental and staging industry from field technician to sales to operations and management; he has been president of the Rental & Staging Network for two years.

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on Aug 20, 2013

the audience's attention wanders, and they become less engaged than they could be.Nobody wants that for sure.
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on Sep 20, 2013

I agree! But I think most of these elements should be "subtle" and in ways it`s supporting the event and not taking the attention away from the main purpose!

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