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Rob Cartaigne
Aug 03, 2015

The rise of interactive features in mobile event apps

Rob Cartagine of AppBurst on the use of event apps for special events....More
Nicole Lavin of Kapow Events
Jul 29, 2015

Why Fortune 500 companies are hosting holiday parties in summer

Corporate entertainment – the face of which is the annual company holiday party – has changed over the years. Once an occasion for....More
Tami Forero of Forte Events
Jul 27, 2015

The misrepresented industry—special events1

Over the years I’ve been amused by the reaction I get when I tell people that I’m an event planner. It ranges from, “Oh, I always....More
Igal Sapir of
Jul 13, 2015

Tips for Staging Your Event Products for the Best Photos

Product-based event businesses have just one chance to make a great first impression online. Consumers today are savvy, with extremely high....More
Florence Quinn
Jul 07, 2015

The most Instagram-worthy event spaces

Did you know that engagement rates on Instagram are 15 times higher than Facebook and 20 higher than Twitter? As social media usage continues to....More
Tami Forero of Forte Events
Jun 30, 2015

Why our business is different--and better

Tami Forero of Forté Events shares why her business is more successful than others in the event industry--and yours can be, too....More
Jun 24, 2015

Entertainment 2.0 – What does it look like?

Eyal Simko, CEO of One Up Entertainment, shares strategies for creating great, interactive entertainment for special eve....More
Jun 22, 2015

7 smart ways to engage your audience 24-7 with social media

Tweet me! Like us! Follow us! Tag our clever hashtag! As marketers and event planners, we are populating our event promotions and collateral with....More
Jun 18, 2015

When the crap has to go: Creative ways to dispose of rental inventory

Unique suggestions on disposing of party rental inventory....More
Nancy Stoltz
Jun 09, 2015

Passion = Purpose: Finding your path in life1

Nancy Stoltz of Creative Coverings finds the driving force behind her life journey—a reminder that not all who wander are lost....More
Meghan Ely
Jun 03, 2015

2015 wedding trends: Midyear check-in

As we quickly gain momentum heading into midyear, it’s important to revisit and reflect on the wedding trends shaping this season....More
Jun 01, 2015

Leslee Bell on 25 years in events—and what's next for her

Longtime event decor expert Leslee Bell, founder of Decor and More, reflects on 25 years in special events....More
Amy Mzarek of ShowClix
May 27, 2015

Interacting on Instagram: How event organizers can utilize this top social platform

We live in a time when oversharing is welcome--even asked for at times--and it’s easy to think you can’t go wrong on social media. In the....More
May 25, 2015

A day in the life of a DMC operations manager

As a little girl, if someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I probably would have responded with a dream typical of any child: a....More
May 19, 2015

Time to network … abroad!

n one of the world’s most populous cities and with the language spoken countrywide Portuguese, it was easy to find myself as a little fish in a big....More
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