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Jan 13, 2015

How to use a single event to effectively market your event or catering company1

Don't just create an event--create a social media campaign to go with it, and you'll win more clients....More
Jan 06, 2015

The key to longevity in the event business3

Christine Yodsukar gives tips on making a business survive in special events....More
Meghan Ely
Dec 24, 2014

Wedding industry trends to watch in 2015

PR expert Meghan Ely shares her insights on major trends for wedding industry professionals in 2015....More
Steve Kohn
Dec 15, 2014

Shape up, event rental pros: Steve is watching you

Be careful, event rental pros. Rental vet Steve Kohn knows your business--and he's watching your operations....More
Anna Wickham
Dec 09, 2014

25 blog topic ideas for event and catering companies 2

PR expert Anna Wickham of Charm House shares 25 topics for caterer and event planner blogs....More
Shadiah Sigala of HoneyBook
Dec 03, 2014

4 modern trends your client expects you to follow

It isn't enough for event professionals to be creative and hardworking. Today, you have to be fast, connected and deliver on a dime....More
Christian Phillips
Nov 25, 2014

When the show doesn't go on: Keeping cancellation costs in check

Insurance expert Christian Phillips of Beazley Group shares tips on obtaining cancellation insurance for event problems such as failure of a....More
Rob Edmonds
Nov 19, 2014

The anatomy of a successful event

At NRG Digital we are often asked what components are essential for a successful event. Of course, there is no “one size fits all”....More
Meghan Ely
Nov 12, 2014

Ready, set, organize: Four ways to streamline your event business in 2015

You're working too hard! Business consultant Meghan Ely offers four tips to streamline your business in 2015....More
Janet Elkins
Nov 04, 2014

The high cost of copyright infringement 

If found guilty of copyright infringement, under the criminal portion of the law, or liable, under the civil portion, you may face a penalty of five....More
Oct 27, 2014

Are You on Your Best Behavior?1

How you behave at fellow producer's event—or any event, for that matter—really matters....More
Claire Harrington of Social Tables
Oct 21, 2014

How to host a memorable reception: The Four Seasons' IMEX Red Party

Claire Harrington of Social Tables reviews a memorable IMEX 2014 party--the Four Seasons Las Vegas Red Party....More
Meghan Ely
Oct 14, 2014

Preparing your business for same-sex weddings

Meghan Ely gives tips to wedding professionals on how to prepare their business to handle same-sex weddings....More
Cigall Goldman
Oct 07, 2014

Jewish wedding planning: Keeping kosher without sacrificing style

Kosher wedding menus have gone through an exciting transformation, both in originality and presentation. Planning a kosher wedding may take some time....More
Adam Clark
Sep 30, 2014

Six trends that will drive big events in 2014-2015

EEG's Adam Clark shares six trends that will shape corporate special events in 2014-2015....More
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