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Jul 24, 2013

Why sommelier-guided wine tastings have become a top choice for corporate clients

In the last few years, many meeting planners have seen an increase in demand from their corporate clients for wine tasting experiences guided by....More
Jul 24, 2013

LEDs are bright addition to event signage1

Andres Regalado of Bay Stage Lighting Co. discusses the many benefits of using LED screens for special events....More
Jul 17, 2013

Think small—small screens on smartphones, that is2

Ironically, those personal "diversion" devices--aka smartphones--that distract from event content can become engagement devices, when properly....More
Jul 09, 2013

Top tips for effective team-building activities

Although the prospect of them can often be met with dread, as well as concerns about having to catch up with missed work, there is much evidence to....More
Jul 09, 2013

5 tips to make your fundraising event a hit

Fundraising is a critical piece of revenue for many organizations but can be especially difficult in this vexing economy. There are ways to rise up....More
Jul 03, 2013

You need a shot. A headshot.

Yes, you do. As the social media world keeps reminding us, every time we post and tweet, we are establishing our personal brand. And with so many....More
Jun 26, 2013

5 must-haves for flawless ground transportation

The decor is in place, the appetizers are ready and the program is about to begin … the only thing missing are your guests! All event....More
Jun 11, 2013

How to 'weatherproof' your event

Every event organizer’s most unwanted party-crasher is bad weather. So, what steps do you need to take to prevent bad weather from raining on your....More
Jun 04, 2013

8 technologies all event planners must embrace

Here are eight essential tech tools you need at your event--and several you should start using beforehand--to make speakers most effective....More
May 29, 2013

Go wide: Wide-screen presentations create engaging events

Wider is better--here are tips from technical specialist Joanna Moor on using wide-screen projections effectively at special events....More
May 29, 2013

View temporary power suppliers through your safety glasses

Temporary power is essential at events, but so is safety. Aggreko's Gary Meador offers these tips for planners....More
May 17, 2013

The invitations that aren't invitations

Email and social media are a great way to share information--because they're broad-based, fast and cheap. On the other hand, email and social....More
Apr 24, 2013

Give your corporate guests entertainment that they don't expect9

Corporate entertainment expert Paul Simms from The CEP suggests event planners stop being predictable and start booking unexpected acts....More
Apr 16, 2013

Everyone's going green—for event decor and sustainability1

This linen expert says going green—for event decor and for sustainability—is the way to go....More
Apr 10, 2013

ISES San Antonio puts the 't' in team

You can talk about supporting your colleagues—who often are your competitors—in order to advance the profession as a whole. Or you can honestly do it....More
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