THE Special Event team had a wonderful opportunity to work with a great group of chairs and sponsors for our Dallas conference and trade show. This group of professionals was so helpful and supportive not only for the events they were working on, but with every aspect of the show. The Dallas event community truly wanted to show Dallas off and make us all feel welcome. As you look through these pages, know that these are the leaders in products and services that were showcased at the events in Dallas. For your convenience, we have listed all of the sponsors by event and what product they showcased on our Web site ( in The Special Event Product Directory. This is a resource that will be available to you for the entire year. Please check it out.

The Special Event looks for industry involvement on two levels:

  • Local committee chairs and committee member volunteers

  • International, national and local sponsors of goods and services

We will recruit local committee chairs, who in turn will gather together their own teams to produce one of our social events. Each committee is given parameters of space, timing, desired results and a working budget. This showcase event will highlight the committees' and sponsors' talents in a well-orchestrated event for their peers.

Dallas was warm and welcoming to The Special Event in 2006. We will remember Dallas for its exciting events, dazzling entertainment and wonderful hospitality. Dallas has an exhilarating event industry, and we thank them for all their hard work and generosity. We feel as though we have family in Dallas.

Los Angeles is our next stop, and we are eager to get started. The group of professionals in L.A. has already spoken up — they are thrilled that we will be hosting The Special Event 2007 from L.A. They can't wait to show you what they can do.

Mark your calendar, this promises to be something … special.

The Special Event in Los Angeles, Jan. 10-12, 2007: Not only will you want to see what will be going on in L. A. … you will want to be seen.