Lamppost Generates 'Snow' Effect
The new "Magic Lamp" from Global Special Effects is an 11½-foot-tall street lamp that generates the company's "evaporative snow" effect, created from a solution of biodegradable, nontoxic ingredients. The "snow" never accumulates, the company says, and evaporates within 90 seconds without leaving any residue. The nonslip, flame-retardant effect can be used indoors or out, according to the company. The lamppost is made of aluminum-casted steel and is equipped with three light globes and three snow nozzles on top, which produce the snow. The unit can be operated by controls hidden in the base or via remote control.
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IFAI Launches Tent Sourcing App
The new My Event Tent--a free app from the Tent Rental Division of the Industrial Fabrics Association International--is designed to help event designers, planners, venues and caterers select the tent that suits their needs with ease. The app, which is available for Android and Apple devices, provides users with a checklist of options including desired accessories, type of event, number of guests and special requests. It calculates tent size, and then its location-based technology sends a quote request to area suppliers for a timely estimate. Users can save time when seeking quotes, find new vendors and compare services of safety-minded professional suppliers, the developer says.
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Branded Sunglasses Offered by See Ya
Custom, branded sunglasses from See Ya can be a fun accessory at weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, mitzvahs, bridal and baby showers, and marketing events, the company says. The sunglasses are made with premium-quality, eco-friendly ink, and the print on the lenses will not dissolve when wet. The UV-protective lenses will not cause headaches or dizziness, according to the company, which offers the services of an in-house designer to help create suitable styles.
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