Halloween Snow Globe Offered by Artificial Ice Events
New from Artificial Ice Events, the "Trick or Treat Human Snow Globe" is an oversize globe that allows guests to walk inside and pose for photos. As guests enter the globe, they face a blast of cold air and a sea of strobe lights, which create a spooky experience. A 15-foot backdrop replicates an eerie abandoned mansion complete with bats and spider webs. The unit, which requires a 20-by-20-foot space and one dedicated 20-amp circuit, offers a 360-degree viewing area designed to increase traffic and add a "wow" factor, the manufacturer says.
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Sous Vide Oven Available
New from Eades Appliance Technology, the SousVide Supreme water oven is specifically designed to enable caterers and other commercial uses to employ the famed French cooking technique with ease. Using the system, which vacuum-seals food and then cooks it in a water bath, chefs can avoid both shrinkage and overcooking, the manufacturer says. Foods can be left submerged and unattended for hours until the moment it is time to plate. The countertop appliance offers a 3-gallon cooking chamber, which holds up to 24 4- to 6-ounce portions, and measures 14.2 inches long by 11.5 inches wide and 13.5 inches high.
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Dress-up Chair, Table Covers New from Under Stella's Umbrella
Plain Jane banquet tables and folding chairs can have a fun new look thanks to covers from Under Stella's Umbrella. Made from durable 600-denier nylon fashioned to look like canvas, the covers sport images of Chippendale-style chairs and period French tables. The material is naturally stain-resistant, the company says, and can be wiped clean with warm soapy water. Both 6- and 8-foot table covers are available.
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