Inspired by a do-it-yourself ice cream sundae bar, the team behind Pastiche Custom Perfume lets party guests create their own custom fragrances.

The Pastiche team arrives at the event with its perfume bar and related materials neatly fitted into a suitcase. No water line or electricity is required—just a table does the trick, says Pastiche cofounder Dana Knees. A minimum of 15 guests is required per party, but there is no upper limit.

Pastiche offers two entertainment options .The first provides an interactive sensory experience, where guests sample the company's 10 fragrance blends. In the second option, the team sets up the fragrance bar and designs fragrances for guests—a welcome option for larger events, Knees says.

A perfume-making session generally takes about 30 to 45 minutes while guests sample the 10 different blends. The scents are shared via blotters—they aren’t sprayed—so the fragrances don't drift into adjoining areas. While food is a part of almost all the events where the perfume bars are featured, "We do that food not be placed adjacent to the fragrances," Knees says, "as the food scents will interfere with the fragrance."

Guests create their own custom perfumes collectively, sharing opinions while mixing and matching blotters to find a combination they love. "We only ask that the guests exercise good 'perfume manners,' Knees says, "meaning they don't say what they think about the blend until everyone has had a chance to smell." Once guests settle on the perfect blend, the Pastiche team takes their order form and mixes a fragrance for them, a process that takes less than two minutes. Scents include Sparkling Citrus with French Tuberose, Woody Amber with Patchouli, and Cacao Flower with Balsamic Vanilla.

Guests can personalize their perfume bottles with a monogram, motif and custom jewelry, such as a stretch ring or bracelet.

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