To help Enterprise Community Partners celebrate its 30th anniversary in November, New York-based Sequence honored the nonprofit's 30 "heroes"—30 individuals and corporations largely responsible for helping the agency create affordable housing—with a digital interactive gallery at the cocktail party. Guests used a custom iPad application to learn more about each hero.

Sequence managing director Adam Sloyer explains:

"The gallery was a custom wall approximately 10 feet by 20 feet, with 10 iPad screens integrated across the middle. Three walls meant up to 30 guests were able to experience the gallery at one time.

"We designed the application from scratch, and the idea was that each of the 30 heroes would have a profile that included a brief description and integrated media, either photos or video. It was important that guests were allowed to browse the heroes at their own pace and learn about the ones that had the most positive impact on Enterprise."

The Sequence team used a native app rather than a web-based app.

"A native app is one that is installed directly onto a smart phone or tablet and can work--in most cases--with no Internet connectivity," Sloyer explains. "A web app works via web browser but requires either a cell signal or WiFi to function. The benefit of the native app is that it's working independently from the web, so it's usually faster and you're not at the mercy of cell or Internet connection. The downside to a native app is that they are not compatible across devices. So if you want your attendees to use a native app and some users might be on iPhones and some might using Androids, you need to create two native apps. Web-based apps can be used across platforms. In our case guests were using our iPads, so going the route of native was an easy decision.

"From the time we began designing the app to completion it took around six weeks, and we used our in-house designer and programmer. As far as feedback, there were really no regrets. In fact, the galleries were so well received that Enterprise decided to keep them and use them in a few of their offices. We weren't officially tracking app usage but I'd guess it was around 75 percent."

Photo by Natural Expressions