How do you keep dealers at a Vegas conference from visiting dealers at the casinos? Broadstreet helps Konica Minolta do just that. Comments from Broadstreet's Matthew Flachsenhaar:

Special Events What made you decide to create the app for your event?
Matthew Flachsenhaar We created the app for a few reasons. We had a large audience of attendees and a large amount of real estate to work with. With employees and vendors moving between general sessions, workshops and the exhibit hall, maps and personal agendas were necessary to keep everyone on track. Also, this event was held in Vegas, which has no shortage of attention-grabbers. An interactive QR Code quest kept attendees visiting and re-visiting the exhibit hall (and off the casino floor) hoping to win prizes at the end of the week.

SE What program/process did you use for your app?
MF We worked with an app vendor that hadn’t been used before in our industry. The company specialized in digital magazines and trade show apps, but was able to apply the same set of skills and talents for the purposes of our apps. Our team on their end was young, quick and cheap--which normally doesn’t mean reliable, but the landscape of digital apps is a different ballgame.

SE From start of developing the app to the event, how long did the process take?
MF Ideation is often the longest phase. Once everyone agrees on what the app should do, production and deployment is around four weeks.

SE Did your app do everything you wanted it to do?
MF Yes, our app served the exact purposes we built it for.

SE Was there something that you wanted the app to do that just didn't work out?
MF Sure. Building apps is a lot like being a kid playing in a big sandbox. At first the possibilities seem limitless, but then you realize the sand box has walls and the sand can’t turn into water. But you’re still in a pretty cool sandbox! Schedules, budgets and technology constraints can often hinder some of the best ideas in digital app execution.

SE Can you tell what percentage of your attendees actually used the app? Did they like it?
MF We did not install tracking software in the app to track when, where and for how long attendees used the app. However, based on the number of attendees that attended the meeting and the number of downloads we had, we know 90% of attendees downloaded it to their devices.

SE If you had it all to do over again, would you do something differently?
MF While the experience was fascinating, we would like to not have to design to RIM and Blackberry standards again! That held back our app from harnessing the full power of iOS and Android.

SE What surprised you most about the process?
MF What surprised us the most was some of the features the attendees used the most – sometimes the ones you talk with the client about spending the most time on are not the ones that engage the user the most.