Custom's Scissor Lift is Lightweight, Heavy-Duty
The heavy-duty, lightweight HB-1430 low-level scissor lift from Custom Equipment allows decor and equipment installation at working heights up to 20 feet. The unit's low wheel loads enable it to move over delicate floors with lower potential for damage, the company says, and it features a working platform that is 25 inches wide by 60 inches long. An on-board battery charger monitors the current and stops once the battery is fully charged.
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Ultra-Lightweight CF LED Tiles New from GoVision
For venues that cannot accommodate large, heavy LED screens due to weight-load restrictions and rigging constraints, GoVision now offers ultra-lightweight 10mm carbon fiber—or CF—tiles, designed to be the lightest LED tiles in the world, the company says. At 10 pounds each and offering 5,000-nit brightness, the surface-mount diode tiles are effective both indoors and in full-sunlight applications, according to the company. They can be configured both vertically and horizontally, and can be angled to form varying shapes, providing an ideal canvas for creating LED designs.
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Silk Floral Holiday Decor Debuts
The 2013 holiday collection from OfficeScapesDirect offers a range of silk floral items including the popular ice crystal line. Available in both white (in photo) and red crystal, the line features a 5-foot-long garland and a 24-inch wreath. Also available: the Premier Poinsettia in red, white or mauve/cream. The products are easy to set up and require no maintenance, the company says.
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