iPad Butler Debuts iPad Stands
A variety of stands for Apple's iPad and iPad 2 tablet computers is available from iPad Butler. The Carbon Deluxe stand (in photo) works on walls, desks, booths and even cars, according to the company. The floor stand, available in plastic and aluminum, is suitable for using the iPad for presentations. A security lock is available to protect iPads used in public settings. The company will soon offer a music app, enabling users to stream a selection of HD music videos directly to the tablet.
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Cake Stands Offered in Nine Colors
The new line of cake stands from Sarah's Stands features a sturdy base and strong top plate, ideal for larger, heavier tiered cakes. Six sizes--12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and 22 inches—and nine colors are available. The stands are made from sustainable soft maple wood and are finished with food-safe paint. The classic pedestal shape elevates and enhances the cake while the pop of color adds a modern touch, the company says.
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Android Super Planner App Now Available
The Super Planner app, winner of the Special Events Magazine Gala Award in January as Best New, Innovative Event Product, is now available for Android users. Developed initially for Apple iPad, iPhone and iTouch users, the app is divided into three major sections: Food and Beverage; Audiovisual; and Venue Capacity. The app includes tools for calculating room capacities for 15 different layouts, a dance floor calculator, a table grid listing linen sizes needed for various table sizes, a stage height calculator and a staging diagram. The catering calculator computes the number of hors d'oeuvre and drinks needed for various event types and lists the number of drinks per bottle for different-size bottles.
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