'Salvador Live' Paint Show Debuts
Live Art by Julie offers Salvador Live!, a dynamic performance painter who creates his images through dance and theatrical elements. The artist offers a wide range of performances to engage guests, ranging from iconic portraits and theatrically themed painting shows to black light painting on stilts, logo and product reveals, combination break dance and paint shows, interactive graffiti walls and elegant ambiance painting. His client roster includes Disney, Universal Studios, American Express and Ferrari.
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Kaos Fabric New from Rose Brand
The new Kaos fabric from Rose Brand is a handmade, paintable material that features a dramatic textured, random, chaotic quality. Available in fine, medium, heavy and open thread, Kaos can be used in a wide variety of ways for special events, set designs, trade shows and costumes. The fabric is offered in natural and black. The company is North America's largest provider of theatrical fabrics, custom sewn creations and production supplies for the event and live entertainment industries.
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Spectrum Offers Wide-screen Digital Projector
Spectrum Productions has recently acquired the Christie Spyder x20 Fly-Pack—a wide-screen digital projection system that processes the latest HD-quality and multiple panels to create exciting, immersive backdrops for any stage set, the company says. The system reduces costs by cutting both labor time to set the system and technical staff needed to operate it. All of the screen areas are one pallet, enabling the director to put imagery anywhere on the pallet. The system is easy to deploy and install because of its advanced architecture and reduced amount of wires, boxes and rack space traditionally required.
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