New Fold-up Bar Offered by BullBar
Professional bartenders are the brains behind the new BullBar, a fold-up mobile bar. Not a catering table "pretending to be a bar," the company says, the BullBar is made of double-thick anodized aluminum and is capable of holding up to 300 pounds with no flex. The units, which weigh 70 pounds, completely fold into themselves and offer an integrated handle and graphite-reinforced wheels. Each bar features a big, polycarbonate ice bin, two juice holders and four fruit trays; the stainless steel speed rack holds 13 one-liter bottles while the back bar unit offers 39-bottle capacity complete with a two-tier lighted bottle rack.
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Liquid Fusion Tabletops Debut from Holo-Walls
In the style of its popular line of "Liquid Fusion" dance floors, Holo-Walls has introduced Liquid Fusion tabletops. Designed to fit on 30-inch round cocktail tables, the tiles operate on a rechargeable battery and feature LED lighting. Constructed of two sheets of PVC, the tiles encase two bi-chromatic liquids that swirl around each other as pressure—such as the touch of a hand—is exerted along the surface. Safe and durable, the tiles can be shipped throughout the world, the company says. The battery will power each tabletop for up to 10 hours on a single charge.
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Screen Goo Turns Walls into Projection Screens
Screen Goo is a specially formatted line of acrylic paint designed specifically for video projection. When applied to any smooth, paintable surface, the product creates a high-performance front, rear, or 3D projection screen, according to the company. The product can be painted to create a screen of any size or shape, and most applications can be done by users without any special skills or tools, the company says. The company's website offers tips and FAQs for the product.
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