New Line of Sauce Cups Offered
Petite sauce cups from American Metalcraft, manufactured in black and white melamine, are available in 1 1/8-oz. and 2 3/8-oz. capacities. Designed to be durable yet elegant, the square cups are suitable for both savory and sweet condiments. Also available: a new 4-oz. stainless steel sauce cup with a polished finish. The company offers nearly 70 different styles of sauce cups.
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Insteo Display Signage Updates in Real Time
The new signage system from Insteo Display enables planners to provide updated information—such as timing, performers, locations and the like—in real time via a Web browser or smartphone. Also, planners can encourage engagement with live streaming feeds of sites such as Twitter, Flickr and Foursquare, linking on- and off-site audiences. The system includes filters that screen out inappropriate language—including variations and misspellings—and prevent competitor names from appearing on the screen.
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Quench Buggy Distributes Water at Events
Designed to provide drinking water at municipal events and festivals, the Quench Buggy mobile water-dispensing unit can hook up to public water systems, thereby avoiding the cost and waste associated with single-use water bottles. The unit is equipped with multiple fountains and spigots as well as user-friendly supply hookups. If no water supply is convenient, the unit can be loaded with water and then towed to the event site. A state-of-the-art filtration system keeps water safe and delicious, the manufacturer says.
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