David MerrellBeing the creative director and executive-level designer, combined with the fact that I am the owner of the company, keeps me on my toes at all times.

I am in a constantly juggling all the decisions and responsibilities an owner gets involved in administratively, such as our marketing and sales strategy, but then in an instant I may have to turn around and think creatively in order to knock client off their seats with an intangible concept. 

There are two challenges that come with being a right- and left-brain guy with my feet firmly planted in both worlds. The first is that is that I have to be able switch on a dime from my business mind to my creative mind. That is not an easy task--clearing your mind from employee issues, abusive client issues, etc. … and then just “creating.”

The second issue is that half of my career is in the business side and events, so even though I don’t always live in the creative side, I am constantly searching for ways to be creative. 

Addressing the first challenge is easy. I have found that to be truly creative, you must have an uncluttered mind. This can be hard to accomplish when you are in business mode, let alone switch it over on a dime.  I have learned a trick for making that happen.