Longtime rental consultant and M&A broker Fred Hageman announced today that he has formed a new professional M&A corporation, Rental Acquisitions, based in Cameron Park, Calif.

The new company will focus primarily on representing closely held construction equipment rental companies, Hageman said, adding, "We still will represent certain high-end, select party/special event rental companies as well."

Hageman is the former co-founder of Hageman, Stansberry and Associates. Rental Acquisitions is not affiliated with his old company nor is it affiliated with Hageman’s former business partner, Gary Stansberry. “We had a good run and now are going in a different direction,” Hageman said. "We also intend to work with equipment manufacturers in some capacity.”

Hageman's wife,Sheri Hageman, is a partner/member in the new company. The daughter of rental industry veteran Fred Unsworth, “Sheri has even more years in the industry than I do, which is at 24 and counting," Fred Hageman said. "We look forward to continuing working together. She was instrumental in the success of my previous firm, HS&A, and already is making an impact on our new firm.”


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