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  • Oct 29, 2013

    S.F. caterer copes with venue change after U.S. government shutdown

    A wedding caterer copes with changing venues in light of the U.S. government shutdown in 2013...More
  • Jul 30, 2013

    Take it outside: Adding more control to outdoor events

    While many prefer the ease of more controlled indoor events that take place in hotels, banquet halls or homes, adding more control to outdoor events that take place in the windy city of Chicago or on the breezy shores of the Gulf Coast is possible. With a little extra strategy and planning, outdoor events can quickly turn into an enjoyable experience for the event planner, caterer, and client. Here are some tips for ensuring you select a caterer experienced with the outdoors. It's important to select the proper caterer for outdoor events. Here are some tips:...More
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