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Aug 28, 2013

Why are we giving you the gate?2

You may have noticed the little black "padlock" icons on some articles on You can no longer read all the information....More
Aug 28, 2013

ISES education program makes bold change that pays off3

Everyone says they want to dump the status quo in favor of a radical change. That is, until they see the familiar start to fade away. And then they....More
Aug 21, 2013

Thank you, Tim

In our last issue, we put the spotlight on 25 young event professionals worth watching. Those under age 31 on our list weren't even born when....More
Aug 13, 2013

Six reasons a prepaid expense card program beats traditional credit cards 2

Michael Noles of PEX Card gives his reasons why using prepaid expense cards is a good strategy for owners of special event companies....More
Aug 06, 2013

Take that trend and spin it1

DMC marketing expert Lindsay White of The Event Team gives tips on putting new spins on popular-but-stale event themes....More
Aug 06, 2013

Fashion cycles—and recycles!

As most of you fashionistas already know, fashion runs in cycles from decade to decade. The styles and colors are influenced by various factors....More
Jul 30, 2013

Take it outside: Adding more control to outdoor events

While many prefer the ease of more controlled indoor events that take place in hotels, banquet halls or homes, adding more control to outdoor....More
Jul 30, 2013

Five top technology trends to increase the 'wow' factor1

Tech expert Donald Guzauckas outlines five tech tools that put the "wow" into special events....More
Jul 24, 2013

Why sommelier-guided wine tastings have become a top choice for corporate clients

In the last few years, many meeting planners have seen an increase in demand from their corporate clients for wine tasting experiences guided by....More
Jul 24, 2013

LEDs are bright addition to event signage1

Andres Regalado of Bay Stage Lighting Co. discusses the many benefits of using LED screens for special events....More
Jul 17, 2013

Think small—small screens on smartphones, that is2

Ironically, those personal "diversion" devices--aka smartphones--that distract from event content can become engagement devices, when properly....More
Jul 09, 2013

Top tips for effective team-building activities

Although the prospect of them can often be met with dread, as well as concerns about having to catch up with missed work, there is much evidence to....More
Jul 09, 2013

5 tips to make your fundraising event a hit

Fundraising is a critical piece of revenue for many organizations but can be especially difficult in this vexing economy. There are ways to rise up....More
Jul 03, 2013

You need a shot. A headshot.

Yes, you do. As the social media world keeps reminding us, every time we post and tweet, we are establishing our personal brand. And with so many....More
Jun 26, 2013

5 must-haves for flawless ground transportation

The decor is in place, the appetizers are ready and the program is about to begin … the only thing missing are your guests! All event....More
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