BrightBox Offers Secure Charging Stations
BrightBox offers secure charging stations that enable event guests to stash and recharge their phones. Event attendees simply swipe a credit card to open a chamber, plug their phone in to charge it, and then leave to dine, see entertainment and so on while the phone is charging. Swiping the same card later lets the guest retrieve the phone. The stations charge virtually all phones—Android, iPhone, Blackberry and more—quickly, the manufacturer says, and the system never accesses any data on the phone. Venues using the stations can increase guest satisfaction and drive social media about the venue, the company says.
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CasaBubble Units Serve as Portable Rooms
CasaBubble units are frameless, virtually roofless globes that can serve as meeting rooms, exhibition booths for trade shows, or a bedroom. The "bubbles" are inflated by a special turbine that helps the units keep their shape, renews the air inside, and eliminates pollen, humidity and condensation problems, the company says. The bubbles are quick to set up and can be stationed far away from energy sources, according to the company. Their clear walls and roofs provide beautiful views of the environment where they are installed.
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Lucky Pin Provides Mobile Bowling Alleys
New from Perfect Parties USA, the Lucky Pin portable bowling alley brings 10-pin bowling to events. The custom-engineered mobile bowling alleys feature 60 feet of regular flooring, a ball-return rack, rental shoes, genuine bowling balls and pins, a digital scoring pad, sound system, and a coffee table for added ambiance. The alleys can be set up in hotel ballrooms, cafeterias and gymnasiums and on parking lots; they can be installed and removed without damaging the venue, the company says. The alleys install within 90 minutes and can host 30 to 45 guests per hour with a 20-amp power requirement.
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