Although custom mobile apps are cool and cutting-edge, they are not widely used at special events—yet. Here we present six success stories of event apps, along with some cautionary notes on avoiding being sucked away by apps' 'bright, shiny object' appeal … Last week, we looked at some challenges event planners have in developing mobile apps for their events. Indeed, according to a recent online poll from Special Events, only 20 percent of respondents have created or commissioned a custom mobile app for an event. Of the remaining 80 percent, 60 percent say they want to do it someday, while the remaining 20 percent say they don't see a need to do it or they have not had such a request from as client.

Some of the hurdles in creating apps for special events include the cost of developing an app for a specific event and confusion over how to handle the process.

But our poll shows that 20 percent of respondents have indeed created apps for their events. Here, we share their success stories.