To help position MasterCard at the forefront of technology, Barkley Kalpak Agency brings iPads to the sales leadership meeting. BKA's Angela Stassi shares details:

Special Events What made you decide to create the app for your event?
Angela Stassi One of the major objectives of the Sales Leadership Meeting was to inform and align the team around how MasterCard is at the forefront of innovation and technology within their industry. What better way to have the team adopt that way of thinking, and to act on it, than by having them experience the benefits of technology first-hand?

SE What were your goals for the app--what did you want it to do?
AS In general, the goals were to make the meeting experience more streamlined, more dynamic, more relevant to the overall message and more inspiring. Since these executives were very familiar with the construct of a sales meeting it was the perfect scenario in which to inject the use of technology to simplify and elevate the user experience while making the event much more interactive.

SE What program/process did you use for your app?
AS Custom app for iPad.

SE From start of developing the app to the event, how long did the process take?
AS The process took approximately six months. This included time to determine the function/role the app would play throughout the meeting and to collect all necessary content to build the application.

SE Did your app do everything you wanted it to do?
AS It did a lot! Each of the 420 attendees received their own personal iPad to use over the course of the three-day meeting. The app provided the following functions:

  • Meeting Agenda: An interactive meeting agenda where attendees could see the schedule of events. Aparticular bonus was being able to update information in real time as inevitable changes happened onsite.
  • Attendee Profiles: Attendees were able to view photos, names and information on their colleagues in attendance. Since this group gathers from all parts of the world once a year, it’s helpful to put names to faces and provides a chance for people to map out networking/collaboration opportunities.
  • Speaker Bios: Included a database of presenters including name, title, region in which they work and a brief bio.
  • Event Details: Including venue map, dress codes for each of the sessions and evening events, contact info for the meeting and “in case of emergency help” section.
  • Ask a Question: One of the most valuable tools throughout the meeting, the Ask a Question portion of the app was open throughout the meeting for attendees to ask questions pertaining to any presentation. These questions were then pushed to the presenter, who was holding a moderator iPad and who could answer the questions as they were going along. For any questions that went unanswered during the presentation, there was a designated person who also had a moderator iPad and was able to answer each of the questions soon after.
  • Polling Section: This acted as an audience response system. Attendees could answer any questions put forth by the presenter. This app was a favorite as it increased the level of engagement as well.
  • Additional Information: White papers, breakout presentations and videos were uploaded and pushed to each of the iPads so attendees had immediate and direct access throughout the meeting.
  • Feedback: Attendees were able to provide feedback in real-time.
  • Teambuilding Activity: Coming off of a wildly successful teambuilding activity throughout Venice, Italy, at the year prior’s meeting, BKA infused technology into the MasterCard Priceless Pursuit scavenger hunt throughout London. Utilizing iPad technology, QR codes, and apps including Hailo, Hopstop, London interactive Maps, and personal MiFi, attendees went on an Amazing Race-styled excursion throughout the city which supported their Priceless Cities marketing campaign. The first teams to get back won their very own iPad.

SE Was there something that you wanted the app to do that just didn't work out?
AS It all worked very well and our team did some troubleshooting onsite to make sure that was the case. The only missed opportunity was allowing attendees to take notes as part of the app, but we plan to do that in the future.

SE Can you tell what percentage of your attendees actually used the app? Did they like it?
AS One hundred percent of the attendees used the app--the polling and ask a question sections proved that. The post-meeting survey showed that 97 percent of attendees rated iPads as “valuable”; 58 percent rated them as "highly valuable.”

SE If you had it all to do over again, would you do something differently?
AS Luckily, we are doing it over again. Due to the overwhelming positive feedback, we will be bringing the app back to next year’s Sales Leadership Meeting, but this time it will have even more functions including a note-taking section and video-on-demand function.