Dual Guard Car Gate Offered for Dumb Waiters
Butler Mobility has added a new feature—a dual-guard car gate—to its dumbwaiter product line. The car gate is made of high-quality, ultra-tough vinyl supported by stainless steel dividers. The vinyl curtain keeps dust and debris out of the interior of the cab and off its contents. The company offers eight different sizes of electric dumbwaiters, with load capacities ranging from 100 to 450 pounds.
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Holdaplate Makes Holding a Plate Easy for Guests
The Holdaplate is designed to make balancing a drink and a plate of appetizers in one hand easy for party guests. The edge of the plate features a subtle contour—dubbed the Lipgrip—enabling a guest to hold both a glass and the plate by putting the index finger in the contour and supporting the plate with the remaining fingers below. The plates are available in melamine and lightweight plastic; they are dishwasher safe, stackable and BPA-free, according to the company.
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'Ballroom with a Twist' Act Offers Celebrity Dance Stars
New from Scott Stander and Associates, the act "Ballroom with a Twist" features celebrity pros from hit TV show "Dancing with the Stars" dancing with finalists from "So you Think You Can Dance" and featuring live vocalists by finalists from "American Idol." The company can design any size show, from two dancers to 14, and can arrange anything from private classes from the pros to an elaborate production. Dances can include samba, waltz, foxtrot, quickstep and jive.
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